Online Dating & A Deadlift Max

Hey y’all! I am going to share something personal today. I have been debating whether or not to share this, but here it goes. I’ve been single for 5 years. Oh, I’ve had the occasional date, but generally there isn’t much interest on my part and sometimes on their part. My best friend recently encouraged me to get back out there, so I’m trying. Sort of. Unfortunately things have changed in the dating scene. You used to meet people at the places that you went and if you liked each other you exchanged numbers and set up a date. Now, you create a dating profile. :/ I guess it’s the same thing, but honestly I feel that a lot of people are missing some good opportunities because they skip over talking to a person based a badly written profile or terrible pictures. Anyway, since meeting people in my everyday life isn’t  really working I’m giving the online thing a try. I have what I’m going to call a meet and greet tomorrow at the number 1 place for first dates Starbucks with hardworkingdad. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve actually almost talked myself out of this meeting several times which tells me I need the practice. Anyway, on to more exciting news.
I tested my deadlift max on Saturday and pulled 225#!!! I feel like if I had been fresh maybe I could have pulled more, but I’m so happy with that number. I’m incorporating Wendler 5\3\1 for deadlifts and strict press into my programming.  The first week consisted of 3×5 @60, 70, 80 %. I’m excited to see where this goes. I’m also reading my Olympic weightlifting book still and I’m excited to incorporate that. That’s it for me this week. What are y’all up to?


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