ETP, Photo Dump, & Peacocks

I haven’t remembered to post on the regular. Here’s a little of what’s going on in my life. I started ETP (eat to perform), I’m going to a hot yoga class, I’m still crossfitting, and I’ve started studying Olympic weightlifting.

First of all, ETP is awesome. It has completely rebuilt my thoughts and opinions on food and it really works for me. I’m scheduled to have a DEXA scan next week to get a more accurate measurement of my body fat and bone density. I’m excited to see the bone density and a little nervous about the body fat.

I miss my old gym, but at the same time the change in environment along with the food changes have really helped me improve in my WODs except for running. I still hate it. I have noticed a new mental strength. I don’t know if that’s because of last year’s events or what, but I have a new desire to push through that I didn’t have before. I still may frequent my old gym while keeping my new gym as soon as I can fit it into my budget.

Here’s some photos to give you a visual


Getting my knowledge on


My first distance row. 5000 m in 26:48.


I felt great about this wod. I pushed through and kept a decent pace. Something I’m learning how to do.


Not bad since I hate running alkost as much as rowing.


I partnered up with another girl at the gym here so we went with 65#, but im satisfied with my score. 🙂

And because I can’t resist… here’s our neighborhood peacock



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