Why I went Paleo and Other Tips

This is day 4 of my switch to paleo. I’ve told a couple of people about it, but it hasn’t been received all that well. Everyone either tells me how they tried it, but it wasn’t for them. Some have even looked at me like I’ve lost my mind. Why is everyone I talk to so against eating Paleo? Here are the reasons I’m giving it a try.

1. I have terrible sinus problems. With constant sinus infections that I’ve just learned to live with. I want to see if changing my diet helps.
2. Since giving up dairy my skin has cleared up considerably. I only had a problem when my cycle roles around, but that has been eliminated since giving up dairy and I’ve noticed that whenever I eat or drink dairy my skin breaks out.
3. I like the idea of an inflammation free diet. I’ve worked with people several years older than me with many health problems and I’ve seen loved ones with deteriorating health. I want to live a healthy life even when I’m older.

I think those are some great reasons to adjust my diet. Some interesting things you should know about my switch.

1. I didn’t eliminate everything at one time. I started with dairy. I’m starting to eliminate grains now just to see what benefits if any they produce for me. Beans and rice weren’t hard to eliminate because they really weren’t that prevalent on my diet.

2. I do have side effects. I’ve had some light headaches. I’ve also been more sore after workouts these last few days. There are other side effects too. Nothing is servere just there.

3. I did not give up all carbs. I did give up all grains and legumes. However, I love starchy tubers, I just eat them sparingly.

4. I also look for ways to substitute. If I’m looking for something sweet I make something that’s sweet, but paleo. That could be something like raw brownies or plain fruit. If I want something salty I usually go for peppers.

5. I’ve been sleeping better and while my nose has been stuffy my sinus problems seem to have cleared up in the last 4 days since giving up grains.

What kind of healthy eating do follow? Do like grains? Have you tried paleo? Did you love other hate it?


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