New Diet, New Schedule

I have been terrible about posting on here lately, but with school, work, the gym, and baseball season under way it’s been tough. I’m sure I’ve already told y’all this, but let me say it again. I hope when things slow down I will be posting more often. Here are a few updates to keep you happy.
Diet: I am currently in the process of changing my diet. I want to say that I am going to go completely Paleo, but in reality it will be Paleo-ish. On a positive note, I have found a farm that sells grass-fed beef, chickens, eggs, turkeys, and pigs. I am going to purchase an 1/8th of beef. That’s approximately 45 lbs. of beef which should last us almost all year or maybe 18.5 weeks if we eat 2 lbs. of beef per week. I am also going to sign up for a CSA my box will feed 2-3 people for $150 for 7 weeks. I will post some pictures when I get everything and let y’all know how it goes. A few more realizations I need to get a food scale because I want to track how many grams of macro-nutrients I am eating and I think that will help me get more bang for my buck in the long run. I am using some of my tax money to get ahead here as typically my grocery budget is $50 a week. I am however going to save that $50 every week and use it for staple items and to save up for my next CSA season and more grass-fed beef. Finally, I want to purchase a Food Dehydrator and steamer (the kind where you can steam whole meals). Maybe those will be Christmas presents to myself!
Fitness: I have been sporadic on my workouts because of baseball season. One week I might workout 4 days a week another week might only be 2-3 days. I am also trying to figure out the best routine for me. You see I have that little pooch that everyone is trying to get rid of and I am trying to figure out the best way to do that. The best way to burn fat. Here is the new schedule that I am going to try and start now. We have started a new cycle based on everyone’s performance in the CrossFit Open 2014. CFS always does a strength or OLY or skill work followed by a METCON Monday thru Friday. I have noticed a bigger improvement in my abilities when I alternate skill work so here we go.
Cycle 1: Snatch, Heavy Squat, Clean & Jerk
Cycle 2: Skill, Heavy Squat, Supplemental Strength

CrossFit – 3 days a week
Run & Yoga – 3 days week
Rest – 1 day a week
Daily – Ankle ABC’s, Wrist strengthening, and 10 minutes mobility.

The Cycle will determine which days are CrossFit days and which days are Run days. Also, for some reason I have really, really tight traps or as my massage therapist says, “Stupid tight trap muscles” I will be scheduling a 30 minute massage every month and since my massage therapist does CrossFit too we are going to start working on building some of our other back and chest muscles once Baseball season has ended.
I believe that is all I have for now. Oh, except that I am working towards reaching a 200 lb back squat before my one year CrossFit anniversary next month. I am not too far away! I will try and get back to you sooner rather than later!


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