Maturity, Parenting, & Womanhood in Christ!

Have you just thought, God what were you thinking? This is too much at once!
I’m thinking that today as I ponder the amazing work God is doing in my life. The main areas of focus in my life right now are
1. Maturity in Christ.
2. Parenting in Christ.
3. Womanhood in Christ.

Let me tell you if you don’t already know, those are some heavy areas to work on. I can only imagine what a radically different person I will be when he is done.

What have I learned so far; that God is amazing, trust worthy, and there is no limit to his power and strength. That a relationship with our heavenly Father is serious business and if I get no other relationship right, I need to get this one right. Because if you get this one right all other relationships will fall into place!


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