Wrokouts & Nutrition

It’s November and the clocks have been turned back! 2013 is just flying right on by.
I haven’t been sticking with the schedule that I have posted for workouts. Here is what my workouts looked like last week.
Monday – CrossFit
CFS WOD – Monday 28OCT2013
Snatch (FULL SQUAT Snatch)
3 @ 65%
2 @ 75%
1 @ 85%
*Sets are performed every 90 seconds
**Repeat x3
10 Power Snatches (M-115#/F-85#)
10 Over-the-Bar Burpees
I worked up to 70# on the snatches & finished the METCON in 11:07 (using 55#)
Tuesday – CrossFit
CFS WOD – Tuesday 29OCT2013
With a 8:00 running clock:
EVEN minutes: 7 Handstand Push Ups (DIFFICULT)
ODD minutes: 9 Pull Ups (DIFFICULT)
*Athletes should attempt to work 1 progression above their current skill level on both movements, but all reps should still be able to be completed in the minute provided. Use smaller bands on the HSPU, move to the wall, no mat, no wall, etc. Use small bands on the Pull Ups, no bands, strict, strict C-2-B, etc.
100m Row
21 Chest-2-Bar Pull Ups
200m Row
15 C-2-B Pull Ups
300m Row
9 C-2-B Pull Ups
400m Row
15 C-2-B Pull Ups
500m Row
21 C-2-B Pull Ups
I finished the METCON in 17:24 and used 2 blue bands for the chest 2 bar pull ups. I have discovered during the skill work that I have to relearn where to place my hands in the handstand pushups, so I am going to go up in band sizes to relearn it.
Wednesday – CrossFit
CFS WOD – Wednesday 30OCT2013
Front Squat Complex @ 65%:
1 Pause Squat (3 seconds)
1 1.25 Squat
1 Squat
*Sets are completed every 90 seconds
7 Back Squats (M-225#/F-155#)
14 Box Jumps (M-24″/F-20″)
21 Kettlebell Swings (M-70#/F-55#)
I used 85# for the Front squats & completed the workout in 21:29 (back squats @ 125# & a 35# kettlebell) I was so sore the next day.
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – CrossFit
I worked on Double unders which I am now able to get and I did GHD situps and back extensions.
Sunday – Rest
I will also say that I didn’t include the burpees that I’ve been doing to complete the 30 day burpee challenge. Today I have to do 140. I am certainly getting better at burpees, but I am so tired of doing them.
My goal this week is to CrossFit everyday this week, since this is my last week to CrossFit every day. I had already started marathon training, but I didn’t like the schedule, so I went back to my old schedule; which will give me 5 days running, 2 days crossfit, and 1 day of rest every week. We will see how that goes!
I may have said this before, but I really want to start working on my nutrition. How you eat plays a big part in your health. The holiday season may be the worst time to do this, but over the next 3 months I am going to be monitoring what I eat. I am going to journal everything. I really want to see what I am eating on a regular basis and then try to adjust it. Honestly I don’t know a lot about nutrition because it wasn’t emphasized in my house growing up. It still isn’t a priority with my family. I definitely want to change that and the best way to do that is by changing my diet. I will let you know how it goes.


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