Weekend Recap, Training Schedule

It’s Monday! I am had such a fabulous time this weekend.

Friday Night Ladies Revival

On Friday, New Harvest Church of God kicked off our Ladies Revival! We had guest speaker Rev. Rhonda Holland from the South Aiken Church of God and she was fantastic. We read out of 2 kings chapter 4. Here are some of the things that stuck out to me.

*Make God’s presence in your home a Priority

*Make your Proclamation Positive

*Make your Pursuit Proactive

*Make your Profession Passionate

*Make your Praise Powerful

We also learned that we need to shut the door on negativity, on the world, on everything and truly believe in God. He is capable of everything and all we have to do is believe it and know it! The phrase shut the door is actually in that chapter over and over again. We need to shut the door!

God also informed me that I am in the door way. He has promised me several things, but on one particular that is very dear to my heart he has said, you are in the doorway! It is so awesome when God points me directly where I am going, shows me part of his plan for my life, and speaks to me. He also gave me clarity in another area of my life. It was a wonderfully blessed weekend.

Saturday Night – Scarowinds

On Saturday, Linda, Brenda, Brandi, Robbie, and I all went to Scarowinds. Which is Carowinds (www.carowinds.com) , but dressed up for Halloween.  We rode 6 rides and went through 1 haunted house in the 5 hours we were there. Next time we are going to pay the extravagant extra amount of money for Fast Lane tickets. Here are some photos from that night.

Scarowinds 2013

Here is one while we were waiting in line for the intimidator!

Scarowinds 2013 - 2

We had so much fun riding those rides and staying out late. I didn’t get home until 3 am and fall weather really hit while we were out there. Just to give you an idea of our adventure side here are the Front POV videos of the rides that we rode courtesy of http://www.coasterforce.com

The Intimidator


Carolina Cyclone




Drop Tower – Off Ride POV


The Goldrusher


We also went the asylum and our last ride of the night was the scrambler.


Training Schedule

Sunday – Rest

Monday – Run 3 miles

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Run 3 miles

Thursday – Rest or CrossFit (I’ll see how I feel)

Friday – Run 3 miles

Saturday – Run 4 miles

I have an appointment tomorrow at lunch with Kat to get a massage! Kat works out at CrossFit Spartanburg with me and is the owner of Revive Bodyworks in Spartanburg! I can’t wait to let her get to work on my sore muscles! I know that it is going to be great and that I am going to back to working out in no time.

I still haven’t signed up for Barbells for Boobs because I wasn’t sure about being able to lift the weight. I’ll see how I feel after Tuesday!

The best thing about this Monday is that Mason comes home today!

Do y’all like being scared? Do you ride roller coasters? Do you ride them with your eyes open or closed?


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