Hump Day…

Its Wednesday y’all! It’s turning out to be a rough day for everyone.
During today’s workout I managed to hurt myself before really getting started. We were supposed to be working on our 1RM Clean & Jerk. I was really excited to do this because I can clean 120, but I can only jerk 100. Injury resulted in me not being able to clean & jerk more than 85# and having to completely modify the workout. Which towards the end even the burpees were causing me to a little pain, so I am taking rest days for the rest of the week until this feels better. I will still include my run days or walk days, but man do I hate injuries. I have also made an appointment with my friend Kat to get a massage when she gets back from Integrity! Until then it’s runs and rest!
Battle of Aiken
On a positive note, I am officially registered for the Battle of Aiken with Grace! We seriously have to work on mastering our double unders for the 4th WOD, but even if we have to take a DNF on the 4th WOD it will still be awesome. That doesn’t mean that were aren’t going to spend the next 2 months focusing on double unders and the other areas of this competition.
Barbells for Boobs
I was going to sign up for Barbells for Boobs the weekend following this, but with my back injured I may just go and support my fellow Cfers!
What do y’all do when injured? Do you get a massage? Go to the Doctor?


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