Walking with my son

It’s the end of the weekend! Tomorrow is the first official day of my 2.5 month half marathon race training. I’m so excited! 🙂

This week’s training schedule.

Sunday – walk 4 miles
Monday – Tempo Run 3 miles
Tuesday – CrossFit
Wednesday – CrossFit
Thursday – CrossFit + AYF 3 miles (As You Feel)
Friday – run 3 miles
Saturday – run 4 miles

I had to move my schedule around some to fit it to CrossFit Spartanburg’s strange schedule due to an upcoming important competition.

Walking with my 7 year old

Mason has expressed an interest in running races with me, do today I thought I’d test him out. We walked a 4 mile loop that I use in the regular. I’m not afraid to say that it started out rough with him complaining a lot! Finally, I distracted him with a squirrel & all the neat Halloween decorations. I also set my interval timer so that we ran for 5 minutes and rested for 1 minute. That worked until he had to go to the bathroom. Then from the traffic light to the park I had to carry him, but he finished strong. Along the way we picked up sticks & other cool souvenirs. We also spent time just chatting.

That highlights my weekend. Have a great night y’all.


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