Setting Up New Goals

After the realizations I came to today, I thought I should re-evaluate my goals. Here are my goals now that they have been re-evaluated with my weaknesses in mind.

Spiritual Goals

Tithe weekly – I prayed about the amount and I am going to start there.

Give a prayer of thanks every time I have an opportunity to serve those closest to me.

Memorize Colossians 4:6 and learn to tame my tongue. – We are learning about this in James chapter 3 on Wednesday nights and let me tell you I have most certainly picked a hard one here!

Commit to a Bible study – This month from 10/11/13 – 11/11/13 I will be reading Psalms 23 everyday.

Work on Consistency – I’m not sure if there is really a game plan other than just doing it over and over.

Financial Goals

Learn how to budget better – Admittedly I am not very good at budgets.

Once the budget is set stick to it. – This is why I am not very good at budgets. I am impulse shopper and I never really learned to budget money.

Say no more often – Since people pleasing is in my nature I have issues with saying no.

Fitness Goals

Endurance – I am going to spend some time reading on endurance building strategies. I’ll find one that I like then give it an honest try. More specifically Cardio-respiratory endurance when we have WODS with a lot of running or exertion it’s my breath that I run out of. Like today’s AMRAP or really most of the workouts this week and especially in the running. I know that my body can handle what I am asking it to do , but gasping for air when I speed up or go continuously is very taxing.

Strict Pull ups – I have been working on strict pull ups and I am definitely getting better, but I want to keep this as a goal. I have had 3 people tell me that if I am going to work on pull ups to get off the band to concentrate on strict. Their reasons behind that include kipping will cause injury to your shoulder if you haven’t built the strength up. If you want to get strong, then strict is where to start. A few trainers I have talked to require there students to be able to at least 5 strict pull ups unassisted before allowing them to do kipping pull ups.

Half Marathon Training – The Charleston Half Marathon is in January 2014 and I want to be ready! I am going to follow my training plan which includes less CrossFit days and more running days to my calendar.

Double unders – Just because I am not going to be CrossFitting as often doesn’t mean that I’m not still focused on improving. Grace and I have signed up for another competition in December 2013 and one of the workouts requires that we be able to do double unders. For those that don’t know, that’s jumping rope, where the rope passes under your feet twice, but you’ve only jumped one time.

Doing Yoga Daily – I have slacked off with this recently and I have definitely noticed a difference. Mobility is very important in every area of life not just CrossFit and yoga can help improve balance, flexibility, posture, and so much more. It also gives your muscles a good stretch.

Cooking more  often – This isn’t really a new goal just something I have been slacking on and need to pick back up.

Relationship Goals

Don’t always say what’s on your mind – this one ties into taming the tongue and one of the cool facts I learned about the wealthy. Most of them don’t always say what’s on their mind.

Encourage instead of putting down – I think everyone could use this as a goal because we are all about tearing other people down in today’s society instead of building people up.

Reach out to people at church – I am in process of changing the people that I am around. I want the people I am around to influence me in positive ways and the Bible calls for us to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Spend time networking – this is something I almost never do. I have noticed myself doing it more when it comes to fitness related stuff, but not so much other areas of my life. I want to change that.

These are the goals I have set for myself. I think they are wonderful start and I can’t wait to share with you how its going! I asked this once already, but what are your goals?

Do you evaluate the people around you?

Do you believe that you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with?




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