Goodwill Mud Run and Training Plan

On Sunday my Grace and I plus 2 other members of our team participated in the Goodwill Mud Run. Here are the obstacles.  Low Crawl, Humvee Crawl, Tire Flip, Mud Pit Pipe Climb,  6’ Wall, 6’ Wall, Rope Wall (Red Team), Stretcher Run, Stream Crossing, Low Crawl, Stairway to Heaven, Pipe Slide, Tire Climb from Hell, Rope Swing, Rope Crossing, Rotator Cuff, Uphill Climb, Plyometrics, Stream Run, Cargo Net, 6’ Wall, Tire Thru, Stream Run, 6’ Wall, Balance Beam, Tire Up and Over, Hurdle, Balance Beam Wall, Rock Climbing Wall, Rope Wall (Blue Team), 7-Ton Up and Over, Mud Slide and Pit, 8’ Vertical Wall, Mud Bog Low Crawl, & Low Crawl in the Sand(this was not sand)

Our teams official finish time: 1:07:09.  This was so much fun. I did manage to fall and bang up my knee in between obstacles. To my credit there was some really big gravel rocks and I stepped on one wrong. I did have first aid disinfect it after I washed all the mud off. I have always been accident prone so this really isn’t a surprise for me here are some photos.



Workout schedule for this week:

Sunday: Goodwill Mud Run – The Goodwill Mud Run presented by St. Francis Sports Medicine is 3.5 miles with 35 obstacles where teams of 4 compete against other teams and is an officially timed event.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: CrossFit – WEAK REAR SEAM

CFS WOD – Tuesday 8OCT2013

With a 16:00 running clock:
EVEN minutes:  4 Handstand Push Ups (DIFFICULT)
ODD minutes:  6 Pull Ups (DIFFICULT)
*Athletes should attempt to work 1 progression above their current skill level on both movements, but all reps should still be able to be completed in the minute provided.  Use smaller bands on the HSPU, move to the wall, no mat, no wall, etc.  Use small bands on the Pull Ups, no bands, strict, strict C-2-B, etc.

4 minute AMRAP:
Burpee Pull Ups

REST 2 minutes

MAX EFFORT 400m Sprint

REST 2 minutes

MAX EFFORT 400m Sprint 

I did really well on the skill work, but I was struggling with short girl problems on the burpee pull ups. I just recently learned how to do kipping pull ups unassisted and after all that skill work my shoulders were a bit tired. I tried using a band for assistance, but that really inhibited my ability to do more reps. I did manage to get 15 total reps though. Also, I love running long distance, but I hate sprints. However I love “NO Barbell Tuesdays!”

Wednesday:CrossFit –  DA BRAT TAT TAT TAT

CFS WOD – Wednesday 9OCT2013

20 minute AMRAP:
1-10 Clubs = 10 Kettlebell Swings (M-70#/F-55#)
1-10 Diamonds = 10 Wall Balls (M-20#/F-14#)
1-10 Hearts = 10 Burpees
1-10 Spades = 10 Box Jumps (M-24″/F-20″)
Jack = 10 Hang Power Cleans (M-95#/F-65#)
Queen = 15 Shoulder-2-Overhead (M-95#/F-65#)
King = 20 Back Rack Lunges (M-95#/F-65#)
Ace = 3 Rope Climbs
Joker = Butcher Push (M-135#/F-95#)
*200m Run between each draw
**Athlete will draw a card, perform the associated movement, run 200m, grab another card, perform the assocaited movemnt, etc., etc. for 20 minutes
***Score total cards collected at the end of the 20 minute time frame 

This workout was pretty cool and really fun! I ended up with a total of 10 cards, but I only had enough time to complete 9 cards plus 4 reps on the 10th card. My workout looked like this:

10 hang power cleans (65#)

10 box jumps

10 kettlebell swings (35#)

10 burpees

10 kettlebell swings(35#)

10 Kettlebell swings (35#)

10 box jumps

10 burpees

10 kettlebell swings (35#)

4 kettlebell swings (35#)

And running a total of 1800 meters.

This was definitely a tough workout for me, but I didn’t feel too dead afterwards.

Thursday: CrossFit – GORILLA

CFS WOD – Thursday 10OCT2013

1 Butcher Push
*Every 2:00
**Athletes should select a load that allows them to finish all 3 rounds
***If all 4 rounds were completed last week, load should be increased

6 Clean & Jerks (M-135#/F-95#)
30 ABMAT Sit Ups
6 Power Snatches (M-135#/F-95#)
30 Double Unders

Friday – CrossFit – They haven’t posted this workout yet so I can let you know what it is.

Saturday – Long Run 4 miles

That is my training week.  Next week is the first week in my half marathon training. My half marathon is 2.5 months away and it’s time to get to it! That means less crossfit days and more run days. I may try to squeeze in both if I am feeling good and I have the time on some days, but I will definitely let running be my main focus.


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