Competition Training, Stolen Money, & Friends

Sorry about the lack in posts, but life has been getting in the way. So here is a recap post of what has been going on in my life!
Competition Training
I am in a team with my friend Grace. This will be the first time competing for both of us and we have been meeting on Sunday afternoons to train! The workout is long. There are 10 stations with a .2 mile run in between each station. After the last station is completed both athletes must run the last .2 miles together! We did a run through this past weekend and completed it in 43:43 minutes. That was with heavier weight & a little bit longer of a run. We also think it will be to our advantage on the run because we have to run uphill at our box, but the run during the competition is on a flat surface. I will definitely keep y’all updated!

Stolen Money in Spain
Last week my money apparently went to party in Spain without me! Oh the nerve! What really happened is I used my debit card at my local Wal-Mart and then woke up the next morning to find that someone had withdrawn all of my money from an ATM in Spain. Just an FYI they don’t actually have to be in Spain to do that! Luckily, I was proactive and I called the bank to notify them. They turned my card off and started the process of refunding my money to me. Yay! I also know that this has happened to several other people in my area. Also note that I was not in Spain much to my disappointment! 

Making New Friends and Learning to Appreciate that!
For those of you who don’t know I had a serious lack in my friend department. I mean sure I have 300+ facebook friends, but that isn’t really friendship! Anyway, so I embarked on a mission to be more open and start making new friends because when you stop doing all the stuff you used to do you find out real quick that most of those people weren’t really your friends in the first place or maybe it’s you that doesn’t want to be friends with people that are growing in the same direction as you, but that is for another post! So I became more extroverted at church and at the gym. Guess what I have friends! I probably got on some people’s nerves and tried a little too hard to make friends with some people, but the end result was that I now have friends with similar values or goals as mine. I have wonderful friends at my gym and from church and I learned that there are just some people that aren’t meant to be my friend. That was actually a difficult lesson at first because just like most people I want everyone to like me, but I also don’t do very well with acquaintances. It’s more likely that you will find that I have very few really, really great friends and far less acquaintances to look like an entourage. But that’s because I am interested in genuine relationships that are all in. I don’t do anything by half measures not even friendships. I’ve made friends that have similar interests as me and similar values. Another big difference in my friends now than from before is that I aimed to make friends mostly with women. Most of my friends before were guys and there is nothing wrong with that, but there are just some things that can only be shared with another girl. For the past couple of weeks I have been pondering these growing friendships and realizing how much I really enjoy them. I will always be up for making new friends, but I like the ones that I have now!
That is what I have been up to these past few weeks what have you been up to? By the way, you can’t make friends if you are always on the internet! 


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