Vacations, Accidents, Workouts, & Routines

Mason and I went to the beach for vacation last week and we had so much fun.  We spent 2 whole days on the beach, 1 at the lazy river/pool, went putt putting, and spent an hour on the paddle boats (although I did all the paddling). It was a fantastic 5 days. I did blow my diet, but I didn’t skip my workouts. I made up my own WOD on Friday of 21-15-9 box (bench) jumps and pushups (I really struggle with these) and I ran 1 mile. I also swam in the ocean for an hour and I mean real swimming not just getting beat up by the waves and I think an hour of paddle boating totally counts as a workout! Some of you may know this, but I am very accident prone. I was putting the beach chairs away and trying to move the rake so that I wouldn’t break it and the handle knocked the chainsaw down and it landed on my hand! I will say that it isn’t too bad. Mostly bruised and just a small cut I tried hanging it back up, but it kept falling and I was afraid I might lose a toe so I just set it off to the side.


Now that is Monday it is back to working and WODs again.  I love my job because I have an excellent boss, but sometimes I feel like I am just filling my while waiting for the next workout! Today’s workout won’t be easy, but I want to try and Rx it. Here is what today’s workout looks like:


 CFS WOD – Monday 8JUL2013

3-Position Squat Snatch (High Hang, Low Hang, Full)
@ 60-70% of 1RM
*Every 2 minutes on the minute

800m Run
75 Thrusters (M-75#/F-55#)
800m Run

The last time I did thrusters I used 45# and did 27 reps. I know that I can do that 55 #. Also here are some of the other workouts that I have completed and the score.

The results: 45# – 24:53 (45#)

Gas Monkey


I did this one at 5 AM before leaving on vacation! Man, I hate wall balls and since I wasn’t very good at regular wall balls I had to do double the reps because I haven’t advanced to double squat wall balls. I can say that after doing 50 regular wall balls I was starting to get pretty good!


CFS WOD – Wednesday 3JUL2013

50 Walking Lunges
25 Chest-2-Bar Pull Ups
50 Box Jumps (M-24″/F-20″)
25 Triple Unders
50 Hip Extensions
25 Ring Dips
50 Knees-2-Elbow
25 Double Squat Wall Balls (M-20#/F-14#)
50 Sit Ups
5 Rope Climbs

Slop Jar


CFS WOD – Tuesday 2JUL2013

10 minutes of Jump Rope work (Single Unders, Double Unders, Triple Unders)

20 minutes alternating EMOM:
10 Kettlebell Swings (HEAVY)
10 Push Ups

3 minute AMRAP:
Alternating Pistols

Sandbar Prep Work

Let me just say that the clean is not my thing! The movement is so unnatural for me that I to have someone stand there with a PVC so that my bar wouldn’t go to high.  This was a very disappointing OLY TEST for me. I only managed to clean and jerk 65# and I know I could have done more if could’ve gotten the form down.  At least I have something to work on!


CFS WOD – Monday 1JUL2013

25 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk

21 Deadlifts (M-135#/F-95#)
15 Pull Ups
9 Thrusters (M-135#/F-95#)

Cloyd Rivers


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