Weekend Sweat Session

Hi y’all! It’s Monday and I have had such a full weekend.


 I did the INDOC class for CrossFit this weekend in Spartanburg. We learned proper form and modifications. We also completed a WOD for each day. Here are my beginner results.

Saturday                                  Sunday                                                Today

200 meters                               7 min AMRAP                                    METCON

10-15-5                                    7 Box Jumps (20” Box)                    30 KBS (25 LBS)

Air Squats                               7 Kettle Bell Swings                            12 HSPU

Push-ups                                  7 Burpees                                               12 Pull-ups

Sit-ups                                                                                                           Cool Down

200 meters                                                                                                 2 Min AMRAP


(RX – 35 LBS)

Sat – My Time 7:30 minutes

Sun – I completed 3 rounds

 Mon – I finished in 30 minutes &  completed 10 Thrusters

 I am very proud of myself. These 3 days have shown me the areas I need a little more work in. Sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and Wall Balls are the areas I seem to struggle with. I haven’t had time to buy straps for my hands so I have blisters coming up on my hands. The one below also most ripped open this morning.


 I also have bruises on my knees. Thank you Burpees!


 And bruises on my collar bone from practicing the power press it made conversations at work this morning very interesting! Haha

I am very sore everywhere right and I am so glad that tomorrow is a rest day, but I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to do it again.

 Race Training

 I also did race training this week.  Thursday I completed 50 Flights of stairs in 30 minutes! I know that I got a really great workout in with my blood flowing because my whole body had a red hue to it.


 Check out those red legs.


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