What’s Tuesday’s Theme?


Praying with Mason

Today’s agenda is pretty light.  I have work today and then a workout this afternoon.  Mason and I had a rough morning yesterday.  He wanted to stay at home with me instead of going to daycare. He also wanted me to pick him up instead of his dad, but I know that he has fun with his dad when he goes over there. Anyway, we prayed for him to have courage and strength. I also prayed my daily prayer for him out loud with him sitting there and we prayed that his dad would become saved and have personal relationship with the Lord.  I also spent time in prayer because my heart was heavy for Mason and I was harboring some anger, but I wasn’t sure what it was about. After praying the Lord led me to Proverbs 4:4. I posted this verse for Monday as well. I am going to spend some time meditating on that verse digging deeper into it and memorizing it.  Since repetition helps me remember things here is Proverbs 4:4, “He taught me also, and said unto me,” Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live.”

Getting into My Groove Again

I spend a lot of time on here with excuses to not exercise. I am so glad that I started this blog to hold myself accountable. I took some rest days off to clear my head and to give my body some rest. Doing that squat challenge, training for a race, and trying to keep up with my fitter internet friends had me really worn out and basically struggling because I couldn’t keep up and those rest days have really helped me out in that aspect.  It gave me time to remember that I don’t have keep up with them and it reminded that I have a goal I’m working towards and that goal is a race.  I decided that in order to get back into my groove today I would start with some yoga this morning! It’s been even longer since I’ve done yoga and just doing down dog was difficult this morning. Today’s workout agenda – a 20 minute stair climb (race training) and my standard yoga routine before bed!

What’s Tuesday’s Theme?

Have you ever noticed that the days of the week seem to have a theme? I’ve seen No Mean Mugging Monday, Throwback Thursday, Wednesday is hump day, and Friday is TGIF, but what is Tuesday?


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