Changes, Financial Health, & VBS

Changing the Blog’s Focus

I changed my blog from a fitness blog to an everything kind of blog. I am learning that being healthy isn’t just about diet and exercise. There several areas of your life that needs your attention for a person to really be healthy.

Hello Hump Day!

This week we have a lot going on. I thought with school being over and baseball season ending that meant we were going to slow down and I could focus on my training for the fight for air climb. Boy, was I wrong! This week happens to be VBS for Mason’s other church Grassy Pond so I am still running on a fast pass with no time to train. We have VBS until Thursday then Friday we have an awards banquet for Mason’s Peewee Baseball League. I also had to make a quick dash to the library to return our books on time. When is my vacation?

Changing Churches

Something else I had to deal with this week is deciding whether or not to change churches. Mason has requested to go to Grassy Pond because his friends from daycare and school also go to that church. After praying about it and God reminding me of the service that we are to show our families, I decided that attending his preferred church is the right choice. I guess what made this difficult is that one this is an entirely different denomination than our church and I didn’t want to leave my church for the same reasons that Mason wants to go to Grassy Pond. I have friends and family at my church, but Mason doesn’t feel very connected to the people in that church, so I am going to make new friends. If I am really being honest I don’t feel overly connected to that church either. I love it and I do have friends and family there, but they aren’t people that I can see every day.

Financial Health

I am dealing with more financial lessons every month. I have been learning to budget, but I am really cutting out wants now! I have literally cancelled everything that is an extra from gym memberships to Netflix accounts. I am only paying for absolute necessities. Mainly the added daycare expense now that Mason is out of school. Its tough letting go of things that you think you are entitled too. May our government should give it a try!


Grassy Pond has a Wild West theme for their VBS and it is really cute. The Bible verse that they are memorizing is Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Mason and I have been going over that verse everyday once in the morning and once in the evening. That is a great verse for us to memorize because its true and knowing that Christ never changes really helps build your trust in Him!.


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