Weekend Workouts & Grocery shopping

Alright! I killed my workouts this weekend!

Saturday: 3 mile walk and 45 minutes of deep stretch yoga.

Sunday: 70 squats, 70 deadlifts, & 6 mile walk.

This is the first time I’ve ever done a deep stretch yoga.  You have to hold the positions for 3-5 minutes. I wanted to try this because my muscles have been so tight.  I felt so good after all that stretching that I almost fell asleep in corpse pose at the end! I barely made it through my shower I was so relaxed. I think next weekend I am going to aim for a longer session.  I’ll have to do it after the Mason-nator goes to bed though. Some of you already know that I am participating in the 30 day squat challenge for the 2nd month.  I know that when you are working out one muscle you should equally work out the opposite muscle, so I am also doing a 30 day challenge with deadlifts. Let me tell you that my hamstrings are so tight after the first 3 days! I was really supposed to do a 4 mile recovery run on Sunday, but instead I did a 6 mile walk on very hilly route. I am training for a stair climb race and felt that the hills would help my efforts! I will say that the squats and deadlifts seem to be helping a lot.  I have walked that route before and normally my hamstrings, quads, and glutes are working overtime to clomb those hills, but this time they didn’t seem to struggle as much.  My calves felt a little strain so maybe I was up more on my toes than landing mid-foot.  I will have to check that out next time I am on that route.  I am very proud of myself because normally I get very lazy on the weekends and after the extra hours I worked last week I was really tired, but so determined to better.  I even did better with my eating despite the lack of healthy options.  I realize that I need to be very specific with the ingredients that I write down for my parents to pick up because they don’t have healthy eating habits. I picked up some more veggies this weekend, along with roasted red peppers, quinoa, lettuce, salsa, avocados (they were on sale and you can freeze them), tomatoes, & eggs.  I have requested for my dad to pick up fish, ground turkey, spinach (& any other greens), more veggies, & frozen fruit.  Let’s see what I get! Although, my dad did learn that frozen veggies have less preservatives than canned.  He didn’t hear from me so I guess that is why he believed it!

I often wonder if other people doubt their loved ones or make life changes difficult.


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