Field Day!

On Monday, Mason had a baseball game, so I completed the 75 squats and 75 deadlifts for that day, but didn’t do the 5 mile run.  Tuesday, Mason had Field Day at school! That was a blast to watch.  After I had lunch (Mason didn’t want to eat), we went to the park and played with the Frisbee for an hour, followed by some lunch for Mason at McDonald’s (he was very excited because we never go there), and a trip to the library. We also had to have his baseball pictures taken yesterday, so once we were home we went for a 1.5 mile hilly walk and that was our day! I am completing the Full Body Yoga, 80 Squats, and 80 Deadlifts today (Wednesday is Rest Day).

On a positive note I got my dad to pick up some boneless skinless chicken breast, he also picked up pork chops and cheddar filled bratwurst! At least I have something healthy to eat besides cheese and peanut butter!

I have been thinking about my town and the healthy options that are around here when it comes to food.  You know it isn’t really that healthy. We have lots of restaurants and grocery stores, but not a lot of healthy options there.  I want to find ways to make our city healthier.  I am not sure if there are volunteer opportunities for this, but I am going to find out.  We have 3 gyms in our city and a lot of healthy people living in the city limits, but we are spending our money other places because our city doesn’t accommodate for a healthy lifestyle.


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