Success! 2 lbs down & lost inches all over the place.

I posted my measurements and weight on here in March. Here is a quick update on my progress.

Chest  (under the bust): 32″

Waist ( I measured the actual & then where my pants sit below the belly button): Actual: 31″  Lower Waist: 34.5″

Hips: 40″

Biceps: L- 12″, R- 12″

Thighs: L- 23″, R- 23″

Calves: L- 14″, R- 14″

Weight: 156 lbs

That is a 2 lb weight loss! I also lost 1″ in the chest, .5″ in the waist (.5″ in lower waist), 0.5″ off the biceps, and .5″ off the left calf & .25″ off the right calf.  Go me!

I have also been tracking my workout success on the calendar.

Since my calendar has recently gotten very full, I have taken to printing out a calendar and writing down my intended workout routines. For every day that I complete the whole plan I put a check mark and for every day that I don’t workout at all I put an X; I haven’t figured out what to put when I only complete half of the planned workout yet.

In 23 days I completed 15 whole workouts and 3 days where I completed half the planned workout making that a total of 18 days out of 23! I think that is great.  I can’t really say what my workout routine looked like before.  I would have to say that it probably looked more like 4 days out of 30, but writing it down and not wanting to disappoint myself with more Xs than check marks has helped keep me focused on completing my workouts.  One area I need to work on is the weekends that I have Mason.  While we may or may not do something active, I still have a tendency to neglect my workouts when he is around.  It is much easier working out when he is occupied by something other than me.  Honestly, I let the rain be an excuse to me as well this past weekend.  I didn’t want to take Mason to the gym and I didn’t want to run in the rain.


I have also realized that I need to find a way to get my diet under control.  I eat mostly healthy and during the week I plan well because I have to schedule things around work, but in the weekends there is no schedule and I am not sure how to fix that.  I really hate schedules.  And really during the week is not so much a schedule, but a guideline of when to eat. After seeing how well I did with writing down my workouts and then following through with doing them has done for me I am going to start by writing down everything that eat, when I get feel hungry, and when I feel tired. That way I can adjust my meals accordingly.

How do you keep your diet and exercise under control?


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