Fight For Air Climb – What you can do!

I have been getting there.  My schedule just got really busy though.  I am currently in my second week of training for the Fight for Air Climb! I have to climb 20 flights of stairs today. I am in the second round of the 30 day squat challenge and today I have to do 75 squats.  I am not finding this nearly as challenging by just doing body squats.  One of my fitness friends suggested weighted jump squats.  I think I will try them on the next round.  This round I am doing goblet squats with a 2 lb ball because I am doing these at work and they were conveniently in the truck of my car. My son’s Peewee Baseball league started last week and we have practice twice a week through this month then 2 games a week all next month and church on Wednesday.  I also realized that I need to keep my regular 15 miles a week running on top of all the other training because that really does balance my mood.  Since my schedule is so busy it has made my meal planning much easier, two nights a week I am going to cook a readymade meal and Wednesday nights we eat at church leaving only 4 nights where I have to cook a meal!

I officially registered for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in Greenville, SC on June 29, 2013.  I still have to raise $150 to participate with the donated money going to Lung Disease Research.  My mom has suffered with COPD for years and was recently diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer. It is currently isolated to her right lung and she starts Chemo and Radiation next week. I am asking y’all for donations. Even the smallest donation will help! Here is the link to my donation page:

Even if you can’t donate, search their site and find an event near you.  You could participate or volunteer!

What do y’all do when your schedules get busy?

I have been learning a lot about myself as I get fitter! I have learned that scrunch my shoulders at work A LOT!!! I have also started to notice that my legs are in great shape.  There are obviously areas where I can see for improvement, but I cranked out 70 squats yesterday and nothing.  There isn’t even a burn.  I checked with a friend to make sure I was doing them correctly and there are no problems with my form.  Apparently I just need to up the challenge of the exercise! I have also noticed that I kind of neglect my upper body and core.  I do yoga which works a lot of different muscles and I know that I have great core muscles, but they are hiding under that stubborn fat that just won’t budge. L  My arms and chest are entirely different story.  I can see some minor bicep definition which is great, but I need to amp up the Upper body stuff.  I am going to work consistently on doing Fitness Magazine’s Sculpting Arm exercises.

What kind of upper body Workouts do you do?

Do notice areas that you are neglecting when you workout?


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