Determined to Beat the Funk!

I have been feeling a lack of mojo this week.  I did start my training! I successfully completed 50 squats – Saturday, 55 squats – Sunday, & 60 squats today! I also ran 2 miles on Sunday! I didn’t go further because the inside of my right ankle started doing the same thing that the left ankle did and when I pushed through the pain with left it just got worse and took longer to heal.  Today I plan on walking 3 miles.  I may run/jog some of that, but I am going to see how my ankle feels.  I didn’t eat terrible on Saturday, but yesterday I ate horribly.  It’s getting close to … well you ladies will understand and I just wanted everything salty and sweet. It really isn’t that healthy. I am back on track today though.  For breakfast I had 2 slices of wheat toast w/ peanut butter, for lunch I had 1.5 cups of leftover tuna Parmesan Alfredo (I used whole grain noodles, classico Alfredo sauce, 3 oz can of tuna, & 2 oz of real parm cheese). For dinner tonight I have defrosted some chicken drum sticks and I will be vegetable shopping when I get off of work. I am thinking asparagus.

If you’ve read my last few posts, you’ll know that I’ve been in a food funk.  Eating & drinking the same things have made me bored. I stopped drinking water and went back to drinking tea or other caffeinated drinks. I have to get back on track though.  I know how tasty a good cold glass of water is and how tasty the simplest meals can be.

Do y’all have any suggestions for moving beyond your food funk?

What about when water gets boring?

I would love to hear your suggestions


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