To Good Times and New Challenges!

I haven’t written in a while because I have been super busy, but here it goes! I didn’t eat the healthiest this weekend, but I didn’t over eat.  Friday night I went to my best friend Cassie’s house and we did my taxes, ate movie snacks for dinner, and watch Hulu most of the night and Saturday morning.  Saturday I went to a Double Header for the Greenville Drive.  They were playing the Charleston Riverdogs.  Which is the AAA version of the Red Sox vs the Yankees! Fluor Field (the Drive’s home field) is design after Fenway and they call it the Fenway of the South.  For meals on Saturday I had chicken salsa quesadilla with black beans & corn, half a sliced cucumber, a handful of grapes & Greek yogurt as sour cream for brunch! For dinner I had chili cheese hot dog, ships, jalapenos, & beer for dinner.  I then had a very early breakfast late Saturday night/early Sunday morning that consisted of scrambled eggs, cheese, & spam. Best part about that meal…I didn’t have to cook it and it tasted good too! Sunday I woke up late and had leftover chicken, green beans, & mac & cheese for brunch & dinner included a small pulled pork sandwich with mustard sauce & red potato salad from Mac’s Speed Shop. I also went on a great day Sunday afternoon that included a motorcycle ride & a baseball game! I weighed myself Monday morning and didn’t do too bad! I didn’t gain any weight, but I didn’t lose any either.

I recently told y’all that I seem to do better when I have a fitness goal.  Well, my mom has struggled with COPD for years and I decided to do the Fight for Air Climb sponsored by the American Lung Association.  I am going to do the ultimate climb which includes 3,743 steps and I have to raise $150 to go towards research for Lung Diseases. I have 11 weeks to train for that and I started yesterday by jogging 3 mi! I also signed up to do a 30 day squat challenge starting April 13, 2013.  We are starting with 50 squats and ending with 250 squats at the end of 30 days.  I am going to be so sore! Then I am going to be running a 10K July 13, 2013 during the Peach Festival! I am very excited about my new races and have to say that the climb is even closer to my heart because I found out yesterday that my mom has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer.  According to the doctor there is no cure for this type of lung cancer and they will try to use chemo and radiation to prolong her life.  They didn’t not give us a prognosis of how long she has or what stage she is in.  I am waiting for them to set up my donation page.  Once my donation page has been set up I will share the link here. I would love it if you would donate to the American Lung Association!


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