Today I realized 2 new things about myself and while it isn’t really fitness oriented the same principles can apply to getting healthy. I was reading an article from’s financial newsletter and that led me to and Dan’s blog. It also led me to a blog post on titled “Why Entrepreneurs Suck at Golf”. I am not trying to become a millionaire, but I do want to get out of debt and be financially comfortable. I would also love to find my niche so I like reading about what other people have done. Anyways, it amazes me what these successful people give up. They give up everything for the sake of their success. Well they give up the fun stuff any way. Either their success was the most important driving force behind that or they somehow changed their way of looking at things. I wasn’t to do that. I want to be where things don’t matter. Where I can give up the fun stuff for the end goal! It occurs to me that I already do this. When I was younger we used to live in Texas, and I loved it. We were members of our local 4H and we rode horses, raised chickens for show and generally had a great time. I always look back on that time fondly. I loved it! I was good at it and for a long time I thought I was just naturally good at it. The truth is though that I rode my horses a lot and I won 4th place my second year of raising chickens because I got up and fed them constantly. In fact, I would miss out on school dances and games because I was participating in a rodeo or doing something with the 4H. I got up at 4 am to feed those chickens every morning before school and on weekends because that is what I was supposed to do so that the chickens would get bigger. I practiced barrel racing because I wanted to win and I didn’t want my shins all beat up for the effort. When I wanted to lose weight I found a way to go to the bariatric clinic even if it ate up my finances because I was dedicated to losing weight. When I decided to run a half marathon I spent 2.5 months training through the holidays even when it was extremely inconvenient for me and my family. I did it because I wanted to do well and I wanted to cross that finish line. This reveals to me 2 things: that I will do whatever it takes to get the job done and I that maybe I am goal oriented to some extent.

Yesterday, I didn’t eat a very healthy dinner, but I didn’t really pack on the calories either. I had a banana and a glass of wine.

I have church for lunch today so I won’t be doing the cooking but I will be eating a balanced meal. I will also be doing some yoga after church!


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