Just Shameful

I didn’t post everyday like I said I was going to, but I did log my food.  I didn’t even take into consideration that I was going to typing all this in a public format. I ate like I normally would over the weekend at my parents house.  If I lived alone I wouldn’t be eating this way.  It isn’t their fault it just seems to be what I do.  It included pizza one night, Taco bell another night, girls scouts cookies, swiss cake rolls (I don’t even really like them), banana & egg sandwich, grape nuts cereal, & a lunchable. That is a summary of what I ate from the last post to yesterday. I only worked out one day last week doing a yoga routine it was a great routine, but I was lazy the rest of the week.  Looking at just this week alone I can see why these last 20 lbs just refuse to come off.  I can also see that if I don’t get back on track the rest of the weight I lost could come rushing back. I will try to do better this week both in eating/working out & posting about it!


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